Time to set a goal

Time to set a goal

We hope this course will help you reach some of your type 1 diabetes goals. These goals will be different for everyone, but may include:

  • To improve your knowledge of what type 1 diabetes is, why controlling it is important and how it can be managed
  • To improve your confidence in managing diabetes
  • To help you make informed choices which will lead to better overall health and wellbeing
  • To share experiences with other people through patient stories and social learning

Have a think in advance about what you want to get from this course. On Day 1 of the course, we will be asking you to fill out a pre-course questionnaire to tell us about your goals, as well as who you are and where you are connecting from.

The information gathered from this questionnaire will be used to help us understand and improve these course going forward, making them more accessible across diverse user groups and to feedback anonymised high-level information to funding bodies like NHS England around course uptake. The full terms and conditions of data use are covered here.

So don’t forget, follow us on Twitter @MyWayDigital and Facebook @MyWayDigitalHealth, keep an eye on your email, as we will remind you about the course there and we’ll see you on Thursday the 17th of June for Day 1 of Understanding Type 1!

Remember that to access the course on Day 1, you’ll need to register for an account by clicking ‘Register‘ on the blue bar at the top of the page. If you’ve already registered then you’ll just need to log in using the credentials you’ve already created.

If you’d like to find out more about type 1 diabetes in the meantime you may be interested in the information available on our mytype1diabete.nhs.uk site.

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