Meet the team!

Meet the team!

We have a number of people that have been involved in putting this course together. There are also a few healthcare professionals that will be dropping in over the 2 days of the course to answer any questions you may have and to join in with the discussions generally.

Say hello to us…

Dr Debbie Wake

Debbie is the CEO and Clinical Lead for MyWay Digital Health, and a Consultant Diabetologist working in NHS Lothian. Debbie also works at the University of Edinburgh as a Clinical Reader in Medical Informatics and Diabetes Care & Education.

She is passionate about improving the lives of people with diabetes through education and data driven care. 

Kirsten Cumming

Kirsten is the Learning Resource Officer for MyWay Digital Health and is responsible for the development of the eLearning courses and educational resources available through the websites.

She has an honours degree in Food, Nutrition and Health and an interest in public health. Kirsten’s sister developed type 1 diabetes at an early age so working for a company that is helping people with diabetes is hugely rewarding for her.

David Garrell

David is the Partnership Director for MyWay Digital Health and has collaborated with My Diabetes My Way as a patient over a number of years and was invited to talk to DUK-PC 2017 on use of technology in diabetes.

As a person with type 1 diabetes, he is passionate about helping to enable patient self-management.

Dr Alex Bickerton

Alex is a Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology and has been Clinical Lead in Diabetes and Endocrinology at Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust since 2007.

 He is also a Diabetes UK Local Clinical Champion; a role in which he acts as a catalyst for change in improving the quality of diabetes care and services in Somerset.

Dr Scott Mackenzie

Scott Mackenzie is an academic foundation doctor in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He has worked with MyWay Digital Health for a number of years to develop educational resources for people with diabetes and is passionate about improving the quality and accessibility of diabetes patient education.

Lyn Wilson

Lyn is a Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN) working in NHS Lanarkshire and is part of the MyWay Digital Health Education group. She has been a Registered General Nurse for 18 years and has specialised in Diabetes Nursing for over 14 years. Initially working in Diabetes Research in Lanarkshire and then as a DSN working in Glasgow, before taking a post in Secondary Care within Lanarkshire.

In addition to working in general diabetes clinics and delivering inpatient diabetes care, Lyn is a DAFNE (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) Educator and Specialises in Insulin Pump Therapy.

Salma Mehar

Salma is a Consultant Dietitian working in the field of community health and wellbeing for over 20 years. Salma is interested in delivering diabetes care through digital platforms and is currently supporting the Northwest London Diabetes Transformation programme.

She is also the co-author of the Carbs and Cals World Food Book. The first visual carbohydrate awareness resource for the BAME communities.

Feel free to say hello and introduce yourselves in the comments section below!

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