Diabetes 10 Point Training for Nursing: Adult Social Care

Diabetes 10 Point Training for Nursing: Adult Social Care
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Welcome to the Nursing: Adult Social Care course

The information in this programme is a useful resource to provide knowledge and support for family carers of people living with diabetes in the community.

We recognise and pay tribute to the invaluable and crucial role that social care workers and carers play in caring for our community.

This Diabetes 10 Point Training programme was developed to ensure that all staff working in care and nursing homes and as home care workers, have a basic knowledge of diabetes and understand how it can impact the people in their care.

Care and nursing homes are not used exclusively by people who need support due to old age and dementia. Some residential and care homes also cater for younger residents who may live with learning disabilities, mental ill health, addiction, autism or other care needs. This programme sets out to also address the specific needs of individuals living with these needs.

The training has been taken up by thousands of staff and has won awards and recognition for the improvement of care.

This training programme for Adult Social Care Workers has been made possible through the valuable input from Shamim Jivraj, Lead Pharmacist for Adult Health, NHS Brent Clinical Commissioning Group

Ruth Laura Miller

Diabetes Nurse Consultant

I am passionate about diabetes education for all front line staff to ensure the safest and best possible care for people living with diabetes.

I developed the ‘Diabetes 10 Point Training’ programmes which have to date been completed by more than 7000 health care professionals and front line workers in London and the UK.

This course is RCN accredited and will count towards 1 hour of your CPD training. Your personalised certificate will be available to download upon completion of this course and will be evidence that you have completed this training.

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20 responses on "Diabetes 10 Point Training for Nursing: Adult Social Care"

  1. Peter says:

    Thanks for all the support and guidence.

    1. Betty Dobson says:

      The information was very good

      1. Ruth Miller says:

        Thank you, so glad you benefitted from the programme

    2. Ruth Miller says:

      A pleasure, hope you found the training helpful

  2. Georgina says:

    Excellent training, thank you so much, so easy to follow and will start asking for a care plans going forward with care teams.

    Just checking, as my certificate does not include my name, is this correct? Unless I have an issue with my certificate. Thank you so much

    1. Ruth Miller says:

      thank you for such positive feedback, your certificate should have your name on it, not sure why not but will check this…

  3. Augustine Sarfo-Mensah says:

    My certificate does not have my name on it

    1. Kirsten Cumming says:

      Hi there, in the system it doesn’t look like a first name and last name has been registered for you so that’s why the certificate is blank. I have added this manually for you and will email your certificate across to you.
      Thanks, Kirsten 🙂

  4. TLawal says:

    I have completed the course but cannot ind my certificate. Please can you send my personalised certificate to my email: tkoyewo@gmail.com
    Name: Tokubo Lawal
    Organisation: London Cyrenians Housing Limited

    With Kind Regards,

    Tokubo Lawal

    1. Kirsten Cumming says:

      Hello, this should be available for you to download on the course homepage as I can see that a certificate has been generated for you in the system Hope that helps!

  5. nat_ franko@hotmail.co uk says:

    I have completed the course but have not received a certificate. Can you please email it to me as below.
    nat_ franko@hotmail.co.uk
    Thank you.

    1. Kirsten Cumming says:

      Hi there, this is available to download on the course homepage. Hope that helps!

  6. g.ternent says:

    A really brilliant training course. Really informative and I learnt a lot. I am having the same problem as people above where my certificate does not say my name? Would you be able to help with this please?
    Thank you,
    Grace Ternent

    1. Ruth Miller says:

      Hello, thank you for your very positive feedback, your named certificate should be available for you to download on the course homepage, please let me know if this problem persists

  7. suratda says:

    I have completed the course but the certificate does not show my name, and I’m not sure why.

    Are you able to generate one for me showing my full name of Suratda Pizzey.

    Kind regards

  8. vanessa says:

    Really enjoyed this course and very informative, however I have received my certificate but my name is not on it. Could you send me another with my name please.

    1. Ruth Miller says:

      Many thanks for your positive feedback, the issue with your certificate should be sorted but please let us know if not resolved for you

  9. Mrsmac10 says:

    Fantastic course

    1. Ruth Miller says:

      Thank you for taking the time to give us this great feedback, much appreciated.

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